I'm a travel obsessed, avid hiker, vintage lover, + health advocate, who goes through way too many peanut butter jars each week.

I’m completely in love with style + fashion, but if I’m being honest, I would totally live out of my gym wardrobe 24/7 if I could!  On the weekends you can find me at my gym, in the kitchen making waffles (with peanut butter of course!), on a hike in the White Mountains, helping Mike renovate our home, or grazing the aisles of Trader Joe’s. I’m also a travel junkie + always have our next adventure on my mind.


Ever since I was a little girl, I was exposed to my dad always renovating our home (which actually happens to be the home my mom grew up in too!). I found my spark for creativity at that young age and never looked back. After completing a design degree at one of the East Coast's top interior design schools, I moved to Philadelphia for my first job (which is also where I met my husband, Mike). We hit it off right away (Oh but it only took us a full year to actually talk to one another!). With his encouragement, I started my business and have watched it grow over the past few years. He’s been such an amazing person to work with on our own home projects, as well as him making custom furniture for our clients. 

I love serving the world by creating beautiful and sustainable spaces for my clients and showing them just how they can incorporate wellness and sustainability into their spaces! Our homes are where we dwell, and I believe that when we have a place that reflects ourselves, it creates a warm, holistic environment. My passion with interior design has been fused with health and wellness throughout my career. It’s been a staple in my business to use my knowledge from my personal training days and my WELL accreditation, to bring in elements that promote a better way of life for people.


Travel Junkies.

Hiking Enthusiasts. 

Adventure Seekers. Waffle Fanatics.

Fitness Gurus.

Did you know my husband, Michael, makes the custom furniture we design?!


Our story all started when we met at the gym we both attended in Delaware while completing our 5am workouts.  Even though I soon later moved back to my home state to Massachusetts just a week after meeting, we remained in contact and eventually starting dating (Once he mustered up the courage to ask me out that is!).

Being in a long distance relationship for three years + 400 miles away had not stopped us one bit.  We would go on hiking + camping adventures all over from the White Mountains in New Hampshire to Yosemite in California. We have pushed each other to be not only better business owners, but better people.  Mike encouraged me to start this business after I told him it was my childhood dream.  With my interior architecture + design background + Mike's woodworking, engineering + technology knowledge, we have been able to fuse our specialties in order to create innovative, charming spaces with custom pieces of furniture + decor.


Just three years after we started dating, we got married right outside my hometown. We bought a house in the South Shore and enjoy (almost) every second of working from home together. Mike finally has the space to do his woodworking out in our garage/barn, and I finally have, well, space. (I would take anything over a tiny Boston apartment with no closet!) It's been such an amazing journey and we cannot wait for the future to come. 


Hi I'm Hannah, the founder and interior designer for Lawless.

Thanks so much for stopping by the studio and blog! It has been a labor of love over the past couple of years and its been very exciting to see it grow. With my love of design, health and wellness, fashion, traveling, and the great outdoors, its always fun sharing my thoughts. For any partnerships, or If you would like to submit a request, please email us at Thanks!

xx Han


Boston, MA 02113


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