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Happy hump day friends! Mike and I are currently away on our honeymoon, but I've batch worked a bunch of blog posts, so I won't be missing a beat while we are gone.

Anthro has always been a go to of mine for home decor and clothing. Everything they come out with new items I'm like "okay I need this all". I pretty much end up living through my clients and picking out things that I love and satisfying that shopping galore. Kind of like when you have items in your cart for awhile, and you keep going back to them, and by the fifth time your like "actually, I'm sick of this, I don't need it." And thats pretty much the story of my life when it comes to shopping.

This fall season is no exception to Anthropologie's gorgeous decor. Agate has been a staple of mine for a couple of years, and they keep adding items into the collection that are really unique! And even though live edge has been around for years, they are coming up with new and different ways to incorporate it, like the bed frame with the brass accents. What better way to cozy up your space, then with some rugs? I'm loving the soft, plush bathroom mat from this season.


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