The Best Podcasts that Female Entrepreneurs Should Be Listening To

I love music. I love jamming out during the work day and getting work done. But, there comes a time and a place that I really just want to feel productive even when I'm doing something. Usually its when I'm driving, painting, or cleaning the house.

So, I turned to audio books and podcasts. I love audio books, but you also have to be a little more committed I would say. I love that podcasts are something that you can tune into for 30 minutes and really get some good information out of them.

I have a wide range of podcasts that I listen to. It really depends on my mood and how I'm feeling that day and also what kind of work I'm doing. Sometimes I just want to listen to some business information, other times, I'm in for more history or documentary kind of things.

With that, I have turned to a few favorites to get me through the day. Check out some of my favorites!

The Goal Digger Podcast

I have such a girl crush on Jenna! Man, she really breaks down so much about life, business and everything in between. I love how detail oriented she is, and how open and transparent her business is.

How I Built This

Definitely my favorite podcast is How I Built This. Guy is such a great interviewer, and the companies they have on the show are incredible! I never knew so many of their stories, and I"m really cool to see where they started, and where they are today.

The Rise Podcast

Another girl I just adore! Rachel is just an amazing, uplifting person and has such a great outlook on life. Her podcast really makes you get pumped, motivated and energized.

Girlboss with Sophia Amoruso

I love how cool and original Sophia is. I went to the Girlboss rally back last year, and just loved how down to earth and chill she was. She has had a lot of up's and downs in life, and I love that she isn't afraid to share those parts of her life.

Tim Ferriss

Yes, I know, he's a dude. But he really has some amazing insight on health, business and lifestyle. While I might not agree with everything he says, I tend to pick and choose the ones I listen to and love them. Give the Jamie Foxx episode a go!

History Chicks

We have to learn from the best, right?

Ophra's Super Soul Podcast

I mean, she is the best of the best guys. Need I say anything more?


Because every BA female entrepreneur needs a guilty pleasure.

What one will you try first?



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