Client City to the Suburbs Reveal!

The second reveal of the year and its only January?! Yes please!

Guys, these clients had to have been the nicest people. Like ever. You know, I was so worried when I first started out doing residential design a couple of years ago. I was nervous about going into residential and having clients be rude to me. I figured, well, they might just look down on me and be rude. (I really don't know why I thought this and its funny to think I thought that way in the beginning.) But, its the complete opposite. I find that I end up becoming close with, and even friends with my clients. You learn about their lives and it really becomes a personal relationship. And thats one of the reasons that I love my job so very much.

When I first met with them, they were just so friendly and welcoming, and I was so excited to work with them. They had a particular style in mind, and they actually found me on Instagram and reached out.

What I love about their space is how its a mix of old and new. With Brookline being a typical place of old homes, there are distinct features that really speak to the colonial times. What we did with that though, was juxtapose it with some more modern and midcentury modern pieces to really make a big contrast.

I'm always one for leather, so I love all the little touches in each room that we did. They weren't afraid to take some chances on pieces, like that statement planter wall, and even painted their nursery's ceiling green. (Which turned out so good!)

They had a dining table and a couple leather chairs that they wanted to keep, so we went with these really sleek blue upholstered chairs.

For the living room, we wanted this space to be cozy, yet beautiful. The dark sofa is a dream and the leather chairs from Article are so comfy! I really love the colors that the rug bring into the space, too.

One of my favorite things to do is to bring in items from other small businesses like myself. Just like these pillows!

And check out the ceiling! It's one of my favorites!




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