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The Ten at Ten

August 21, 2019


Man, isn't is so hard to find the right pair of jeans? I always feel like I'm searching and searching for jeans all the time, and I rarely come across ones that actually fit me right. Do you feel the same way? Or am I just crazy? 


I'm the kind of girl who is thrilled that the mom jeans look is back. I mean, high waisted pants are really just so much more flattering lets be real. They are way more comfy, and they actually fit when you sit down. So, I refuse to buy anything that isn't high waisted anymore.


Even so, there are so many places out there that I've tried over the years. And what it really comes down to is two things, comfort level and style. I really can't do jeans that aren't comfy, I mean why bother at that point? I need something that has a slight give to the material, but not overly stretchy.


I found that Levi's actually fit me so well. Like definitely my favorite brand to wear by far. With all of their different fits, styles and colors, I mean there really is a jean for everyone. I have the 721's and I live in them all the time! I also purchased a pair of vintage Calvin Klein's and they are so perfect. I don't typically like to purchase pants online where I haven't tried the brand on before, but I just went for it with those jeans and they are such a great pair of relaxed fitted pants.


It's getting to that time of year where we are going to be switching into jeans and jackets, and I for one cannot wait! I'm getting ready to stock up on some of my favorites, which will definitely include some of these! 


Let me know what ones you purchased!





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